Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is SSUK Childcare club?

We are more than just childcare, we are an activity club with a wide variety of activities including football, tennis, cricket, cooking club, fun science, art club, make & create, drama, together with traditional board games and much more.

2 Are all the activities free to childcare members?

Yes, your child is free to go on all activities held on the days they attend.

3 What hours does SSUK operate?

After school club is open from 15.00 – 18.00.
(This additional time is at no extra cost)
Holiday Club is open from 9.00 – 17.00 for a standard day and 7.30 – 17.45 for the extended.

4 Can I book my child for half the session ?

No our rates are for full sessions only but you are welcome to collect early if needed.

5 Do you only take full time bookings ?

You can book for as many days as you require.

6 What are regular bookings?

Same day, each week, every month.

7 Can I make ad-hoc bookings?

Yes, you can go to the ad-hoc booking form for all none regular and emergency bookings. These are subject to availability.

8 How do I book?

All bookings should be made through our website > courses > childcare, select regular or ad hoc bookings, then complete the booking form.

9 How do I pay?

Payment for regular bookings require you to set up a standing order. Payment for ad-hoc bookings are made online at point of booking.

10 Can I pay by childcare voucher?

Yes, for regular bookings only or holiday courses when booked one week prior to the start date.

11 I have lot of childcare vouchers, can I pay for the year?

Yes you can, we call this the season ticket. We give discounts and many other benefits on these bookings. Please e-mail for details

12 How much does childcare cost per day?

Regular bookings are £11. Ad-hoc bookings are £15.

13 How are invoices worked out for regular bookings?

The number of days you require are added up and then divided by the number of months remaining in the school year, enabling you to then set up a standing order for the same amount each month. Our system will not include school holidays and bank holidays.

14 Do you run during half term and school holidays?

Yes, please see our holiday course page on our website.

15 Are we OFSTED approved?

Yes, our ofsted number can be found on our online booking forms.

16 Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, but we do require a 4 week notice period.

17 Do you provide a snack? 

A healthy and nutritious snack of a variety of fruit and vegetables along with crackers, wholemeal sandwiches or pitta bread and humus will be provided at around 4.30, drinking water will always be available. This is not a meal replacement.

18 How do the children get to the club?

Children in reception are delivered to our meeting point by a TA. Year 1 and above make their own way into after school club.